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I am fuze, I play oldskool hardcore, jungle, happy hardcore, acid house. I have been in the scene for the last 17 years, i bought my first pair of belt drives when i was about 14 years old and was spending all my pocket money on vinyl, shopping at places like boogie times (Romford) rhythm division (bow) big apple (Croydon) wax city (Croydon) sound zone (Basildon) black market (Soho) to name a few! I did my first show on pirate radio at the age of 16 a local station in my area called Emotionz 99.6, but it was raided by dti after about a month, I then joined Flava 87.6 doing shows with 4 play crew for a couple of months, by the age of 18 I started my own station from a tower block in Brentwood (Kaos fm 92.7) which didn't last too long. In early 2006 i joined Eruption 101.3 FM where I stayed for nearly 6 years until it ceased broadcasting. Through my 6 years on eruption FM,

I played at numerous events in London and over the UK. After eruption I played on a few different stations in London and Essex including  DEJA VU, Essex Beatz, monster house, Around 2014 I then joined UK Obsession when it was on 89.6 done a few shows on here, after a while I give the radio a break, then I joined Cyndicut 90.6 FM, where I did a regular Sunday afternoon show for about 2 years, after a while off air I am back on UK Obsession, big up the UKO management and the man like breeze

Sibz mc...

Started to mc at 13 after listening to the nasty crew On

DEJAVU 92.3FM, Mc stormins flow gave me the hunger! Spitting over grime to begin with the DNB bug soon took over! Was only really spitting with mates and at a house party, to begin with.

Then after moving areas and meeting a few people I was given the opportunity to go on a radio station. This station being bass bin terrorists. After this I started writing hard then I joined innah promotions and started to do raves aswell. Around this Time I was invited to do a guest show on desire 92.1fm after which I managed to secure to busy weekly shows. I kept doing what I was doing then i also joined elevated audio. I took a break of about 4 years and now I'm back! Have recently performed at NEXT HYPE and have a good few bookings under my belt. Have been with UK obsession from the start!

Facebook: Dan mc sibz

Soundcloud: mc sibz 

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